As we lead our lives and evolve each day, what do you think is important to you? For me it is conversation. Meaningful Conversation. I love it when I have conversations, be it with myself (yes I talk to myself, works well with earphones on incase in crowded area), or anyone who gets where am…… Continue reading Grateful

Said thanks to Words ?

Witnessed the waves near a sea during a storm? Gushing wind during a storm? Drive along a loopy hill station route? Overeating saga on a birthday or party? Not being able to pee, as no clean washroom found? Okay I will stop else my examples will go on in a different dimension altogether, evidently! The…… Continue reading Said thanks to Words ?


credit – Freddy ‘s Instagram post (@freddy_birdy) While I read something, watch something, or hear someone, I go like ah this is something I thought along earlier, this tweaked a little more would sound better, this went a bit above the bar etc. Who am I even, to sit and judge their content? Did you…… Continue reading Intuitions


The Calm Before Storm The moment double ticks become blue; The moment covid intro is done on call; The moment greetings are done; The moment your jaws hurt; The moment appreciation walks in; That is the summit of your anxiety, what is it that is going to happen next?! Contrary to our life earlier, as…… Continue reading Angst

How are you?

P1:Hello dude, How are you? P2: I am good, How are you? P1: I am well too Typical initiators of every conversation we have these days? In our head, we will be wondering, oh what does she/he want from me now, or another marriage invitation? :p Sometimes it also become a rhetorical question. How are…… Continue reading How are you?

Don’t read!

Read somewhere now, write like no one is reading. So imma putting disclaimers quite obediently. So what stops me from writing I asked, as I used to write a lot few years back. It was the flooding of writeups I saw everywhere, be it insta, whatsapp, fb, twitter, stories, posts, etc all platforms just had…… Continue reading Don’t read!


When in chaos you know there is way out; When things move slow, you know it is the uphill; When you have questions, answers are in front of you, but to implement it you don’t have the strength or courage; When lost you know there are hints around, but you are drained out to find…… Continue reading Static


Nothing remains same, in other words change is constant. Cliche hotha agar meh change is constant likthi title meh and I do not like anything mainstream, so different it is! lol. So what I mean by nothing remains same is, emotions, thoughts, health, lifestyle, relationships everything keeps changing and you don’t really feel same on…… Continue reading Different

Inshorts cont..

So my friend called for the beach visit in the mornig and kithna excited ho gayi meh, went to mom and told her ki ja rahe kal subah, yes asking permission? that shit doesn’t work bro! Coming back to our excitement, that we were thinking of taking mat, sandwiches etc lol… so whole night was…… Continue reading Inshorts cont..


So the night shift continues, I got up by noon as a result, lazing around the house just moving my ass from bed to sofa and back! But I like it as well, not something I can do always, So this feels like luxury and privilege so imma okay with it 🙂 We were having…… Continue reading Inshorts