My aunt makes lovely artwork – crochet. While I see it every day in front of my work desk, I admire its beauty, the efforts behind weaving it, the idea, the grace, the fineness, the colors, the innovation, the patience, the time, and love. I happened to have a closer glance, and I understand these are all knots or twists. That kinda inspired me. How … Continue reading Knot


While we eat food it’s said we need to chew it 32 times at least before swallowing. Not a bio blog, don’t worry. Do we chew words to pulp out the essence of it or do we just reciprocate it from memory or out of practice hence keeping it bland?! I belong to a generation where words are easily accessible and flow effortlessly for most … Continue reading Chewing

Dear Me

Nope, it’s not the journal blog that is going public today. Just thoughts (read as a tornado) which is eating me up late (read as not even thriving in that tornado, just still) ! Then why should it be public, and not kept in a journal is the question? You will know! Let’s walk…. Living in today’s age and day, I feel each of us … Continue reading Dear Me


It is Sunday evening, mom’s unwell so no evening tea ready. I grabbed a book and sat in the hallway as there was good wind. I happened to look at my living room from this angle. Seemed different and special, it felt as if I wasn’t earlier engrossed in the painting up on the wall. I happened to love every corner of it, it was … Continue reading Realisation


Typical and certainly you saw it coming as post my 25th birthday what else to expect right? 😂 Anyways, why I chose to write about this today is it’s been clouding along for some time now and needs some ventilation. For me as of today, Adulthood is any topic quickly escalating to some other tangent altogether. It is an initiation of a tiny segment in … Continue reading Adulting


I happened to read this post and thought to myself how for years I did not publish what I wrote. Thinking exactly as he clarified, self-promotion. More so, thought to myself it is not a big deal and doesn’t need views, hell there are crazy number of people writing better than me. Funny. Little did I know individuality is irreplaceable. I write here to put … Continue reading Hesitate


Why do we go for certified products most of the time while buying something expensive? Because we trust the product is gone through the standards of research and a series of trials before it is out in the market. The best is what we believe we get. I realize as I have inclined towards reading more, how my thoughts are proven to be some great … Continue reading Habits


Just because you like to travel in airplanes you won’t do so while traveling intracity.Or because you like cycling you won’t cycle intercity.Of course, you can, if you afford luxury or time respectively. Now, what if we replace a person with an airplane and cycle; and travel to the journey of life? In the journey of life, as we progress towards our individual path to … Continue reading Gap


I carry the privilege of having two days off, Sat and Sun – the weekend! I surely don’t take it for granted given that when I see my med friends working throughout the week without any breaks. They take a break in three months for a week which sounds to me just next to impossible. Weekends are for me to rejuvenate. I like to take … Continue reading Weekendz